History of illness

In the last two months of 2017, Mireille could hardly leave her house. In January 2018, the light literally went out. She could no longer stand light, sound, touch and smells. She was barely able to walk, let alone take care of herself. A terribly difficult time began. Mireille was lying in the dark and couldn't do anything anymore. With the help of friends and social workers, Mireille was fortunately able to walk small pieces in the house again at a certain moment, but otherwise she lay in her bed all day. Every extra stimulation was too much and made her sicker for weeks and sometimes even months than before. For two years, she could do little else but lie in a mostly dark room.

At the end of 2019, someone who recognised Mireille's symptoms pointed her towards the condition Cranio Cervical Instability (CCI). This eventually led to Mireille having MRI scans done in London. The results of these scans were indeed CCI and AAI. This hypermobility high up in the neck causes a range of serious symptoms such as Mireille's. (see medical terms) The outcome of these scans were indeed CCI and AAI. This over-mobility high in the neck causes a range of serious symptoms such as that of Mireille. (see medical terms)

In 2020, the upper part of her neck was fixed in the LUMC Hospital in Leiden. After a hopeful start, she suddenly deteriorated rapidly. After a CT scan at the end of 2021, she heard the news that the operation had unfortunately failed.  

In Leiden, partly due to the complications, nothing extra can be done for her. We can't dwell on that. That was the reason to investigate where there are still possibilities. There are none in the Netherlands, but there are in Barcelona.

The team in Barcelona has a lot of experience with the health problems Mireille is dealing with and they know how to adjust their approach individually to patients with connective tissue problems. They can help Mireille further, partly because of the many research possibilities available there that LUMC cannot offer.

These doctors are very hopeful and convinced that they can bring a positive change in Mireille's life. Before the operation, some additional examinations will have to take place, among other things because of the problems in the lower back that arose after the operation in Leiden.

It will also have to be determined whether there is instability in the lower part of Mireille's neck as well. If that is the case, that part will also have to be fixated. It goes without saying that the doctors do not give 100% guarantees, but the results obtained there are very promising. This is also acknowledged by the neurosurgeon at the LUMC in Leiden. 

Mireille has been strong all these years, she has always shown perseverance, zest for life and strength, she has never thrown in the towel and always fought for a better life. But it has been more than enough.

This operation will give Mireille her life back. Please help her! So she can go to Barcelona. It is her only way out.

Her future has to start again! Will you help Mireille?

Help Mireille pay for her operation

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