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What does the Make a Difference for Mireille Foundation do with the money it receives?

The money is spent on all medical treatments performed in Barcelona as well as on the necessary aftercare in the Netherlands. The cost estimate we received from Barcelona is €95,000,-. It concerns the costs of research, hospitalization (including two days of ICU), scans, insurance, the trip and the stay of one month and the aftercare once Mireille is back in the Netherlands.

Donations are received on the foundation's account number so that it is clear how much money has been received.

Does the Make a difference for Mireille Foundation have to pay gift tax?

To a foundation that does crowdfunding for necessary medical aid, the tax authorities grant remission of gift tax.

What happens in the Netherlands for patients like Mireille?

The repair of loosened vertebrae of patients with connective tissue problems is still little done in the Netherlands. The LUMC in Leiden has announced a study into the effectiveness of the treatment of this patient group. The run-up to this study is very long. From the end of 2019 until now, there has been no progress. The Leiden neurosurgeon sees too little scientific justification for the method used in Barcelona, even though he considers the results obtained there promising. 

Apart from Mireille, a few other patients were operated on in LUMC (in anticipation of the announced study). In Barcelona and the US, dozens of patients with this condition are operated on each year.

Incidentally, in addition to the neurosurgeons in Barcelona, there are also a number of specialists in the USA who have achieved very hopeful results. (See, for example, Neurosurgical Review; 5-year follow-up). Neurosurgical Review; 5-year follow-up). 

The relevant Dr. Henderson (see above link to the review) has also published (scientifically) on this. In the Netherlands, this could also be used as a scientific basis for determining the right treatment.

What happens in Barcelona for patients like Mireille?

The neurosurgeons in Barcelona have very wide experience in treating people with connective tissue disorders. They have become very passionate and specialised in this field.

These neurosurgeons have a wide track record and international reputation. They perform the operations at the Teknon Medical Centre in Barcelona, which is also well qualified internationally, as evidenced by the accreditation from the North American Joint Commission. 

Treatment in Barcelona is expensive, partly because of the complexity of the operation, the higher fees charged there and the significantly longer hospitalisation period. However, the costs are also higher because very thorough and necessary examinations are carried out to provide patients with the best possible assistance.

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