Stichting Make a difference for Mireille

Make a difference for Mireille Foundation has as its goal:

To create sufficient financial space for necessary medical aid, which cannot be financed through health insurance, for Mireille Baarslag, born in Arnhem on 27 January 1973, to get and stay in a healthier condition.

The foundation endeavours to achieve its objective by, among other things:
1. raise funds or have them raised for the medical and paramedical treatments envisaged;
2. promoting contacts in order to achieve proper treatment and guidance;
3. the performance of all other actions that are related to the objective in the broadest sense or that may be conducive to it.

The board consists of Walter Martina; a good friend and ex-colleague who is chairman of the foundation. Michel Baarslag, Mireille's brother, who acts as secretary. Treasurer is Marijke Dellepoort, Mireille's mother. Together, they supervise the affairs of the foundation and oversee the money that comes in and how it is spent.

The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 85706140.
The bank account number is NL72 BUNQ 2071 1518 87.

Policy plan

Policy plan 2022 – 2023
Founded and established in Duiven
Chamber of Commerce: 85706140

he foundation Make a difference for Mireille, focuses on the condition craniocervical and atlanto-axial instability (CCI and AAI). A condition that is little known about in the Netherlands, but which has major consequences for the patient. In CCI and AAI, the ligaments that hold the upper cervical vertebrae in place are too weak, causing the cervical vertebrae to shift and nerves to become trapped. Pressure on the brainstem occurs. Because of the stress on the brain stem and the nerves, the autonomic nervous system becomes disturbed. This autonomous nervous system regulates your body's vital functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing and energy production. This disorder has a progressive character. The complications are seriously disabling. It deprives the patient of the pleasure of living and ultimately the condition can be life-threatening. The physical deterioration is such that previously completely healthy persons are dependent on continuous care and help with the most basic things 24/7. In the Netherlands, the condition is virtually unknown. This leads to a long road before the correct diagnosis can be made and in the meantime the patient deteriorates and weakens. With the help of an upright MRI examination, in which CCI can be determined, the patient must go to England, Germany or Spain. Treatment by surgery is currently only possible in Spain in Europe. This is expensive and is not yet covered by health insurance schemes in the Netherlands. Mireille has been diagnosed with CCI and AAI based on radiological criteria. This situation is the primary reason for the establishment of the Make a difference for Mireille Foundation.

The financial facilitation of the medical treatments of Mireille, as well as of the additional expenses, insofar as the costs of the medical treatments and the additional expenses are not covered by (health) insurance, and the performance of all that is related to this or may be conducive to it. This objective does not include making payments to the founder or to those who are members of the foundation's organs.

No profit motives
The foundation expressly has no profit motive. The foundation does want to acquire adequate funds to be able to realise its objective. Activities that are necessary for this can be paid for.

Types of income the foundation will obtain its income from:

1) Donations from individuals, companies and institutions;
2) Sponsorship by individuals, companies and institutions;
3) Promote the direct assumption by individuals, companies and institutions of costs that contribute to the realisation of its objective. Activities aimed at obtaining income

The foundation will approach individuals, companies and agencies to:

1) Obtain donations;
2) Obtain sponsorship.

The foundation will approach various individuals, companies and institutions through personal approach and networking. Use will be made of a website as well as social media. This campaign has the characteristics of a crowdfunding campaign. The foundation aims to raise € 95,000 in the short term.

Asset management
Since the foundation was established in March 2022, there are no assets worth mentioning at the time of drafting this policy plan. The acquisition, management and use of the assets will be the responsibility of the board of the foundation.

Board and its activities
The board of the foundation consists of three members:

1) Chairman – general representation of the foundation;
2) Treasurer – financial affairs, administration and management of the assets;
3) Secretary – communication, reporting.

The division of tasks among the board members is described in more detail in the articles of association and further elaborated in the board regulations. The board is composed in such a way that none of the board members directly or indirectly holds a majority of the control.

No remuneration for board members
The board members will not receive any remuneration for their work. However, the board members may receive a reimbursement for necessary and justified expenses related to their work. The starting point for this is appropriate frugality.

During the policy period, the board foresees that the foundation will have no salaried employees but will rely exclusively on volunteers. The volunteers will not receive any remuneration. When necessary, volunteers may receive an allowance for necessary and justified expenses related to their work. The starting point for this is also appropriate frugality.

Use of assets
The assets will be used to achieve the foundation's objective:

1) Payments related to examinations, medical treatment and rehabilitation and associated costs;
2) Payments related to costs of activities and expenses that are instrumental in achieving its objective, such as costs for a website and campaigns;
3) Payments related to the general management of the foundation, such as administrative costs, notary costs, banking costs and reimbursement of expenses to volunteers and board members.

Every year, the foundation will publish a report and account of its income and expenditure, activities, financial position and intended spending.
When the foundation is disbanded, for example when it has largely achieved its objective, any surplus will go to financially facilitate other objectives. Mireille has expressed her wish to continue with the foundation Make a difference for Life, with which she wants to help other people/animals in the broadest sense of the word.

Help Mireille pay for her operation

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