Who is Mireille?

Mireille is 49 years old and was born in Arnhem. She grew up in Zevenaar, as an energetic child, smiley face and lachebekkie and a sweetheart.  After her primary school on the Hunnehoek, she was a pupil at liemers college and andreas scholengemeenschap in the same city. Her biggest hobby was dancing and music and she liked to work a lot with classical and jazz ballet.

When she was 18 years old she continued her studies in Arnhem and then she got a number of nice jobs with fine employers. At the age of 28 she chose a job as a flight attendant at Martinair where she worked with great pleasure for 11 years.

She loves to spend her free time with her friends and family and is a very proud aunt of two lovely nieces and nephews. Mireille also has a great passion for the beach and the sea, she likes to be in and around the water all day.

But then everything changed

In 2011 Mireille had a car accident and this was the beginning of a period of years in which she suffered from all sorts of vague health issues. Fatigue, headaches and concentration problems. Mireille became ill more and more often. She often had little energy, but usually managed to hide this with her mental strength. Actually she didn't know any better. During the following years she had to let go, bit by bit, of the things that give life its colour, in order to keep functioning. Unfortunately, the medical world did not give her a clear diagnosis.

She stopped flying and found her dream job with a private train company. When this company ceased to exist in 2015, she wanted to make a radical change and work in the social services sector. Due to her ever-deteriorating health, that dream has been parked for years now.

What does the life of Mireille look like now?

Mireille is in her house day and night. If she succeeds in terms of overstimulation, she can receive short-term visits, but Mireille has most contacts online. She also has a lot of support from family, friends and fellow sufferers and from everyone who keeps looking after her; that's worth its weight in gold!. But the lack of seeing everyone in person that she loves so much makes her sad.

She receives assistance from the municipality to support her in her basic daily needs.

But this life of Mireille should not get the word 'life'; it is not life. It is actually a state of constant survival. Living in your bed and sofa with as little light and sound stimulation as possible to get through the days.

“How I would love to be with you" is what she often says to her family and friends. 

"How I would like to be with you for a while"

– Mireille to her parents and friends

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