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The target amount has been reached!! A new phase can begin,

We are very grateful to all of you for informing you that the target amount has been reached for Mireille's operation in Barcelona

Every additional donation we receive now will be spent entirely on the essential aftercare

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Thank you very much again, without your help we would not have been able to give these beautiful announcements

Mireille deserves a life!

This is Mireille, a cheerful, warm and loving woman and fully present in life with a bright future ahead of her, until six years ago…….

Mireille suddenly became seriously ill. After a long search, she was diagnosed with CCI/AAI, a structural instability of the joint that connects the skull and neck, affecting all of her vital signs.

Mireille is severely weakened, she has nerve pain day and night and a faltering autonomic nervous system; for example, she just gets a fever, a too high heart rate, she has an ever-changing blood pressure and she is extremely sensitive to light, sound, touch and smells.

As a result, Mireille's life has been going on in her house for 6 years, lying down 20/7, and due to the serious overstimulation often alone.

It is deteriorating more and more and the prospect of nothing happening is disastrous. There is so little quality of life left.

Only an operation in Barcelona can save Mireille. But unfortunately it is not reimbursed by the health insurance.

That is why the Foundation "Make a difference for Mireille" was founded. This operation offers a great opportunity for quality of life for Mireille. Your help is desperately needed!
You can donate via iDEAL but also with a transfer to NL72 BUNQ 2071 1518 87 in the name of Stichting Make a difference for Mireille.

Please help us! So that Mireille gets her life back as soon as possible, it is her only way out!

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Latest update: February 5, 2024.

Help Mireille pay for her operation

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